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ما المقصود بالأسس الفلسفية للبحوث؟ | Philosophical Underpinnings & Classification of Research part1

هذه مقدمة للمقدمة الفلسفية للبحوث في محاولة للإجابة عن سؤال مهم يحدد ما نوع الدراسة التي سنقوم بها وما هي أدواتنا في جمع البيانات وهو: هل تعتقد أن دور البحث العلمي هو أن يجد حقائق لاختبار فرضية أو دعم نظرية؟ أم أن البحث هو أن تستكشف المعرفة الموجودة ومن ثم تبني عليها النظرية؟هذه مقدمة قبل المقدمة الأكثر جعلصة والتي نتناول فيها ونشرح مصطلحات: ontology, epistomology, methods, and methodology.

Do we need bioethics?

Do we need bioethics Do we need bioethics Two counterarguments: Need and Employability
It may be surprisingly annoying to keep defining and defending your speciality every time you are asked about it. To many, including some medical colleagues, I have wasted my time and two dream opportunities: a master at the University of Toronto and a PhD at the University of Birmingham. Instead of 'being a doctor', they tell me in full empathy, I chose a 'theoretical discipline'.Although I had my masters in bioethics at the University of Toronto Joint Center for Bioethics more than a decade ago, my listeners got confused when they ask me about my speciality and I quietly utter the word, "bioethics". They respond, "good, biostatistics is not bad at all". I try to correct them that bioethics has nothing to do with biostatistics. Some keep this sympathetic look of 'oh dear, what a waste of time?!'. They believe, consciously or unconsciously, that I should …

Public Health Surveillance - Complete lecture

This is the complete lecture on Public Health Surveillance that I gave to medical students as a part of the Community Medicine course. In the lecture, we learned about:1- What is public health?2- What is the epidemiological investigation?3- Why do we need epidemiological investigation?4- Who does the epidemiological investigation?5- What are its uses, with examples of epidemic diseases and natural disasters.
This lecture was prepared by Dr. Iman Abdel Halim, PhD in Pathology,

Introduction to Public Health Ethics | The complete lecture

Introduction to Public Health Ethics | The complete lecture Introduction to Public Health Ethics | The complete lecture

Introduction to Public Health EthicsThis lecture was delivered to the medical students in their Community Medicine Course, we have outlined and discussed the following points:
1- What is ethically unique about public health? 2- What is Public health Ethics? And do we need it? 3- What makes public health ethically problematic? 4- How to make our public health programs ethical? 5- The ethical principles for public health