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Is it yet the time to revisit the way we put health-related targets? MDGs and HIFA as examples

I believe one mistake when dealing with targets related to health is to make them fixed targets, while health itself is not. This is usually affected by the way we used to express almost anything related to health management in cycles. The problem with cycles is that they make you return to the same point from which you started. This minimizes the true opportunities for improvement. I believe we need to deal with health targets in SPIRALs not cycles. In spirals we will never stop looking forward and should never return to the point of commencement. This may seem too philosophical, so let's put it in relation to three examples: HFA-2000, MDGs-2015 and even our dear HIFA-2015 Both refelcts the cyclic kind of thinking, where things start from a point (Alma Ata for HFA 2000), or Global Summit in 2000, which approved the MDGs, and will end in a fixed point in a fixed time. This is narrowing of the wide and forcing the parallels to meet. We need to look at health as a moving ta