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Introduction to Public Health Ethics | The complete lecture

Introduction to Public Health Ethics | The complete lecture Introduction to Public Health Ethics | The complete lecture Introduction to Public Health Ethics This lecture was delivered to the medical students in their Community Medicine Course, we have outlined and discussed the following points:   1- What is ethically unique about public health? 2- What is Public health Ethics? And do we need it? 3- What makes public health ethically problematic? 4- How to make our public health programs ethical? 5- The ethical principles for public health PLEASE CLICK 'CC' TO SEE THE SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH

What can public health practice ethically problematic?

 In this part of the lecture, we discuss: What is Public Health Ethics? What can make public health ethically problematic? The concept of the 'Nanny State' What are the limits and limitations of the State's interference in people's lives and health? How to respond to those argue that 'I am free to  eat what I want. It's my body, not yours'

How a discontinued treatment led a patient to be sent to jail?

A patient discontinued his treatment. The PHO locked him in the prison's hospital?  (TRUE STORY) In this part of the lecture, I discuss a real case that happened in a rural area where a TB patient discontinued his treatment and ended up sent to jail. Watch to see how this all happened and then discuss the following ethical issues: Is the patient's right to refuse treatment absolute? If not, when and where to draw the line to the point of forcing them to be treated/isolated? What are the limits of the public health authorities and the State in general when it comes to people's choices? What are the ethical principles that should guide our interventions as public health physicians in managing patients with infectious diseases?

Introduction to Public health ethics- Recorded Lecture

Starting today I will launch a series of short videos on #public_health_ethics , we compare clinical practice and public health in order to understand the differences in the ethical issues between the two fields. The rest of the lecture will be launched on my YouTube channel every week for 4 weeks. The lecture is in Arabic. Please remember to turn on the CC to find the English subtitles. #publichealth   #ethics   #bioethics   #MPH #اخلاقيات   #الصحة_العامة   #طب_المجتمع