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Do we need bioethics?

Do we need bioethics Do we need bioethics Two counterarguments: Need and Employability It may be surprisingly annoying to keep defining and defending your speciality every time you are asked about it. To many, including some medical colleagues, I have wasted my time and two dream opportunities: a master at the University of Toronto and a PhD at the University of Birmingham. Instead of 'being a doctor', they tell me in full empathy, I chose a 'theoretical discipline'. Although I had my masters in bioethics at the  University of Toronto Joint Center for Bioethics  more than a decade ago, my listeners got confused when they ask me about my speciality and I quietly utter the word, "bioethics". They respond, "good,  biostatistics  is not bad at all". I try to correct them that bioethics has nothing to do with biostatistics. Some keep this sympathetic look of 'oh dear, what a waste of time?!'. They believe, consciously or unconsciousl

Publication of the COVID-19 Research Ethics Guidelines

I had the honor to contribute to the Guidelines for research on Living Creatures in Epidemics/Pandemics and Emergencies produced by the Saudi National Bioethics Committee (NBCE), which has been approved and to which researchers and local ethics committees are requested to adhere. إصدار ضوابط الأبحاث في أوقات والأوبئة والحالات الطارئة شرفت بأن يتم تكليفي ضمن مجموعة من الخبراء في المملكة العربية السعودية للمشاركة في إعداد أنظمة وضوابط أخلاقيات البحث على المخلوقات الحية ولائحته التنفيذية التي أصدرتها اللجنة الوطنية للأخلاقيات الحيوية،  والتي ويجب التقيد والالتزام بإجراءات السلامة الحيوية المعتمدة أثناء القيام بهذه البحوث.