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The WHO manual I contributed to is now in Chinese 我撰写的世界卫生组织手册现在是中文

I have received the following email from Andreas Reis, from the Health Ethics Unit at WHO HQ (Geneva) with some good news. Dear Colleagues,   I am happy to report that our WHO Training Manual on Ethics in Epidemics, Emergencies and Disasters has been translated into Chinese. Actually, this happened a few months ago, but I thought it would be worth sharing it given the current epidemic.   Here is the link for the Chinese version of the publication:   TR/17/016 - Ethics in epidemics, emergencies and disasters: Research, surveillance and patient care – Training manual 2015 bitstream/handle/10665/196326/ 9787117270182-chi.pdf  (‎5.807Mb)‎   Thanks and best wishes, Andreas

New Documentation Era...New websites

I am now making the best possible use of my friend 'Google' by having better documentation of my work. I am now working on three main Google sites. One is mine (all in Arabic) : . It contains a very nice share of my life and my literature and scientific work. The second is what I hope to be the biggest Sudanese library for human development and capacity building with almost each and every resource I developed, authored, or edited in Arabic or English on team building, management and planning skills. The third is another online library Research Methods and Research Ethics for Sudanese researchers, as well researchers from other developing countries. Please feel free to visit and post your feedback.